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My late friend and mentor, Dr Harvey Nininger at his home in Sedona in the Feb. of 1970. From left to right, wearing a checkered jacket, is my life long friend John Streng. In the center is Dr. Nininger, and then a much younger me. Dr. Nininger was one of the finest men that I have ever known. His enthusiasm for meteorites and his wonderful speaking ability have been an inspiration to me to this day. At the time of this photograph Dr. Nininger was 83, but still in fantastic physical condition. When we arrived earlier that day he was out in his back yard with a pick trenching a foundation for a stone wall that he was building. I had corresponded with him about meteorites previously, and I had met him many times at La Verne College not too far from my home town of Pomona, California where he gave many lectures on meteorites, and his experiences finding them. I often quizzed him about some arcane aspect of meteorites, and he jokingly called me "Dr. Schoner."