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CANYON DIABLO, (Meteor Crater) ARIZONA. Iron.

This is a typical "Meteor Crater" meteorite and they are very prized additions to any serious meteorite collection. At, and before the turn of the last century many thousands of these irons were found scattered on the surface of the ground and plains around what we now know is a meteorite crater, one of the best preserved on earth. Subsequent collection activity, (legal, and illegal) have removed all of the surface meteorites, so that now they can be found only with a metal detector and often very deeply buried. Such collection activity is prohibited.


A very fine Canyon Diablo iron of 5.75 lbs in weight that is in "as found" condition. Often such irons are wire brushed giving them an un-natural appearance. But this one was found on the surface of the ground many years ago, and kept in its natural condition.

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